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The 11th edition of Present Knowledge in Nutrition is THE textbook you need. Whether you are a college or graduate student studying nutrition, or you are faculty teaching courses on applied topics in nutrition, Present Knowledge in Nutrition is your greatest resource. Both volumes provide current, referenced sources for the latest information on basic nutrition, metabolism and clinical topics, and they are available for purchase separately on Elsevier's website in print and digital formats.

The 11th edition of Present Knowledge in Nutrition features new chapters on topics of emerging importance, including the microbiome, eating disorders, nutrition in extreme environments, and the role of nutrition and cognition in mental status. Volume 1: Basic Nutrition and Metabolism includes chapters that provide the latest scientific knowledge on requirements for specific nutrients and genomics.

Volume 2: Clinical and Applied Topics in Nutrition provides the most recent information on life-stage nutrition, obesity, physical activity and eating behavior; dietary guidance and nutrition surveillance; as well as major topics in nutrition and disease processes and medical nutrition therapy.

Thoughts from the editors:

"Present Knowledge in Nutrition has been a go-to resource for me throughout my career. When a topic has come up that is outside my area of expertise, I have known that I could pull [the book] from my shelf and find the latest information. I have used it for graduate courses as well as for a reference text." - Diane Birt, PhD

"As editors, we designed Present Knowledge in Nutrition to provide a concise format that highlights what is now known about a topic, while providing significant key references to allow the reader to find further information on specific questions on a topic when needed. For nutritionists and dietitians like me, who have been in academic, health and research fields in a variety of roles, each chapter provides the user with basic information as well as in-depth discussions of the important topics in the field of nutrition and health from a global perspective." - Allison Yates, PhD

"The process of compiling and editing [this book] has been a terrific learning experience for me. It has given me the chance to read the latest information in the field of nutrition and interact with the leading nutrition scientists, including my excellent co-editors!" - Bernadette Marriott, PhD